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We thank you for tuning in to our community.

We cannot wait to unveil our creative journey together with the accomplished healers, alchemists, mentors, artists, musicians and chefs who make it such an enriching process.

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The Spot

Our venues are selected using an intuitive feeling-based process. We tune in to the energy of the land and the story behind each unique landscape. The ingredients that we most value are magic, art, beauty, sustainability, a lot of love and a strong spiritual component.


In ritual we come closer to our essence, we remember what community feels like, and we remember to honor each other and nature. We bring in practices from different traditions and parts of the world that speak directly to the soul.


A colorful variety of homegrown fruits, vegetables, herbs and other artisanal, small-batch products make their way to our chefs who turn them into healthy, hearty, farm-fresh organic meals. We do our best to connect with the culinary treasures of local producers.

At SoulShine Journeys we welcome people of all cultures as we come together to share our hearts, our creativity and our dreams. We believe in supporting each other on our individual path in an environment of trust, non-judgement and kindness as we grow together to awaken our highest potential.

See you on the journey!

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